A tatting attempt…

Why attempt? well, because I never continued! It was something I had to try at some point and I did :). The tricky part is that it’s done with needle and fingers…and beads can be a nice adding but not a necessity. It’s not crochet although it looks like it!

I took some tutorials; you can find a great one here  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLf2v9pCZHl63SU9SRE6QE4b1EHeGkncTC. Bonus: she’s funny too!

Green pendant

Pink pendant

Blue pendant

…and some cutie earrings.

How it all started

My encounter with beads began long ago. Maybe in 5th grade or so.

One day, a classmate brought to the class a jar of plastic tiny coloured beads. The class was about something like handmade activities and she was sharing her stuff with everybody. Boy, those beads were soooo beautiful! I had never seen anything like it! I still have until this day some of these beads left. An important memory and a remindal of how something small can turn big in our lives 🙂

Years later, I had several encounters with bead-work but nothing serious. Until a few years back, in 2013. There was this shop called Biju Planet close to the house; and soon I started to shop from it more and more. They had all kinds of varieties, colours, textures…everything one could wish for! The only inconvinience was the price and the fact that they sold by piece and not by gram! That was insane but it gave me a great boost to keep making stuff and exploring new styles of jewelry. And I didn’t stop at that shop, I started ordering online (mainly because of the prices and other varieties) 🙂

Below you can see some of them:

Wonderful metal pieces of different shapes and sizes + acrilic flowers.

Some crystal-plastic varieties!

Small 1 and 2 mm round and square sizes!

Some tools to get the work easier.

These have a longer story…but later on about that! -Coloured silicon strings.

To be continued…